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Shopping cart tracking

One of the special application areas of the object tracking technology within IDENTRACE is the shopping cart tracking.

Following the carts in a retail shop IDENTRACE can determine the order and the place of the selection of purchased products, which tells much more about the selection habits of customers than the currently available methods that could build only on the set of purchased goods at the cashiers. This valuable information about the way how customers select products in a shop is used as an input to the CUBEA Customer Behavior Analysis System, which applies geospatial data mining algorithms to recognize meaningful behavior rules. Learning these buying habits can help to optimize product placement and other promotion and marketing actions in the retail shop, which finally can lead to a measurable increased revenue.

Shopping cart tracking
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The shopping cart tracking solution of IDENTRACE requires minimal hardware investment as it uses an existing video surveillance infrastructure and does not need special sensors. Since the visible shape of a shopping cart can be easily recognized and followed by specially adapted algorithms, the carts can be reliably tracked even in crowded places. Moreover IDENTRACE can remotely identify carts with the help of special color coded plates. Usually such ID plates are needed only during the deployment of the system, until the camera locations are self-learned and the system becomes able to follow shopping carts from one camera image to another.

In this application IDENTRACE's identity tracking capability can provide reliable data source not just for security, but also for marketing purposes.

The shopping cart tracking technology is integrated in the Object Tracking Station (OTS).

Click here to learn more about CUBEA Customer Behavior Analysis System.

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