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Object Tracking Station

Object Tracking Stations are the core elements of IDENTRACE. They process the camera images and solve the most time consuming video content analysis and image processing tasks.

By handling 4 to 8 cameras, an OTS Station

  • synthesizes background by continuously combining the static areas of video images behind the moving objects,
  • extracts shapes that differ from the background,
  • tracks persons, vehicles or other objects reliably by combining the overlapping view-ports of multiple cameras looking at the same scene,
  • calculates the 3D position of tracked shapes,
  • detects unauthorized access to virtual zones.

With the above functions an OTS station implements the camera- and the scene-level intelligence in IDENTRACE. The outputs of an OTS Station are the set of objects detected and tracked in a scene and the associated properties that could be determined from the camera images.

Background segmentation

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