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Shopping cart tracking demonstration

The demonstration video is prepared to show robustness of IDENTRACE shopping cart tracking technology. In the recorded scenario there are several people wondering around the tracked carts. Shopping carts are identified with the help of a special color coded plate. When an identification takes place in the video, the event is signaled with a blinking red frame around the color coded plate, and if the identification is successful, the identification number is also shown.

Carts are detected on four distinct cameras having their position calibrated to each other automatically. The exact spatial position of the carts are determined by fusing the information from all cameras (see multiple-view object tracking technology of IDENTRACE). The determined global positions are then projected back to each camera image; this is why we can see the marked carts even on those views, where they are completely occluded by people.

On the video we see six views: three live camera images on top, for two of which we can also see the internal cart detection process. An additional virtual top camera (the bottom left view) shows the whole scene from above as a map, on which the carts and their routes are designated with different colors.

Shopping cart tracking
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