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Virtual zones

Traditional physical zones in premises are separated from each other by walls, fences, gates and access controlled doors. Beyond the physical borders IDENTRACE can define virtual zones, which are not separated by walls, but still access rules can be defined for them. The simplest example for this is the yellow platform line in railway stations, which is not supposed to be crossed unless the train has arrived at the platform and has come to a full stop. In most of the cases however a human dispatcher is observing the obedience, while IDENTRACE can do this automatically. Similar virtual zones can be defined for example in factory halls or even in office buildings.
As IDENTRACE is an identity tracking system more complex rules can be defined by correlating zone-related (where) and identity-related (who) information. As complex rules can be defined for examples as "guests may not enter a specific area unless accompanied by a hosting employee".

Virtual zones

This technology is integrated in Object Tracking Station (OTS).

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