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CUBEA Customer Behavior Analysis System

CUBEA is an easily deployable and effective video content analytics based customer behavior analysis system for retail shops. Based on the visual tracking of shopping carts in surveillance camera images, it determines the shopping routes of customers, the selection order and the selection place of the purchased goods, and executes a geospatial data mining based evaluation over the collected information to recognize customer behavior rules.

The results of this behavior analysis helps to optimize product placement, measure the effectiveness of promotion campaigns, support marketing and business decisions, and therefore facilitate maximizing revenue.

Geospatial Data Mining

CUBEA uses geospatial data mining techniques, which can correlate not just the content of a shopping cart, i.e. the set of the purchased products, but also the order and place of their selection. The analysis of the collected set of time and location information can help to recognize and understand the regularities in customers behavior better than ever.

Optimal product placement, and the positioning of promotions and advertisements are supported by the simulation of various alternative rearrangement and pricing plans. Results of these simulations help maximizing sales in retail shops, and support business decisions in general.

Customer behavior analysis

Data Mining Features

  • Recognizing customer behavior rules by determining the frequent inter-dependencies between the selection order and the place of purchased goods.
  • Simulation of product rearrangements by taking into account the learned customer behavior rules.
  • Optimization of product placement based on the simulation.

Statistical Analysis Features

  • Measuring the effectiveness of in-store marketing campaigns by evaluating whether stopping at an in-store demonstration has led to an actual purchase.
  • Slotting fee justification by objective calculation of business values of different shelf places.
  • Assessment of display effectiveness by comparing product selection from ordinary shelves and from special displays.
  • Evaluation of in-store advertising how an in-store advertisement enhances actual sales.

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