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Products overview

IDENTRACE system is built from four modules, which can be also used for special purposes as standalone products:

The products form an integrated system as depicted in the following picture:

IDENTRACE architecture

Object Tracking Stations receive analogue or IP camera images directly and perform the most time consuming video content analysis and image processing tasks. OTS Stations implement the camera level and the scene level intelligent functions, like object tracking based on multiple camera views, shape classification, and detection of crossing perimeters of virtual zones.

Results of the OTS calculations are collected and processed in a central Site Wide Object Tracking Server, which implements the site level intelligent functions, like identity tracking, evaluation of complex rules based on the identity and security clearance of moving persons or vehicles, and moreover this module is capable of recognizing the suspicious activities.

The optional 3D World Model Server provides 3D calculation services for the other IDENTRACE modules. It can help OTS Stations in automatic calibration of the positions and viewing angles of cameras, while it can provide 3D location information to the SWOT Server, and the generation of synthesized virtual images for the central monitoring console.

The Remote Identification Server helps the SWOT Server to handle the inevitable uncertainties of object tracking (e.g. when the system loses track of persons in blind areas, like rest rooms). In these situations the task is "just" to decide whether a person currently visible in the scene is or is not the same as the person who was seen before. So the RID Server should determine the identity of persons from a limited set of alternatives, which can be solved with a much higher reliability than those identification solutions have, which try to identify a person out of the 6 billions living on Earth.

Customer Behavior Analysis System

To cover the special needs of the retail application area, a dedicated version of IDENTRACE has been introduced.

The CUBEA Customer Behavior Analysis System implements the different data mining and statistical analysis algorithms in order to provide the business decision support. The CUBEA system builds on the shopping cart tracking technology of IDENTRACE.