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Site Wide Object Tracking Server

The SWOT Server is the central unit of IDENTRACE.

It collects the results of the image processing calculations from OTS Stations. This abstract information contains high level data about the whole observed area, including the position and moving direction of persons and objects seen by any of the surveillance cameras.

Based on the received and processed information the SWOT Server is responsible for the site-level intelligent features of IDENTRACE:

  • site-wide identity tracking,
  • complex rule evaluation,
  • handling inherent uncertainties of tracking,
  • recognizing suspicious activities.

Some examples of the features that the SWOT Server can provide

  • determining the path one has walked through in the past,
  • information about where persons or vehicles are or where they were at a certain time,
  • detection of anomalies and suspicious situations depending on the identity and the security clearance of the tracked persons or vehicles.

Object tracking trail