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The IDENTRACE system consists of four products:

These products form an integrated system together; however in special application areas other combinations and additional components are also imaginable. For example it may happen that one or two system components are not needed, or one of the IDENTRACE products will be integrated into another solution. Additional components can also complement the operation of the system with special functionality required by certain application areas.

Full camera coverage - (OTS + SWOT)

In case of such applications, for example in data centers, where all entry points are controlled with proper access control mechanisms, which reliably identify each person entering the protected zone, and the whole area is fully covered by cameras (no blind areas), the object tracking can be reliably solved on its own. So in such special cases the Remote Identification Server might not be needed, and the 3D World Model Server might be also omitted. The Object Tracking Stations and the Site Wide Object Tracking Server working together can solve most of the security functions that such application areas require.

Abandoned areas - (OTS + 3DWM)

If there are large areas, where only one or two persons or vehicles used to move around, then the combination of OTS Stations and the 3D World Model Server might be enough to recognize the unwanted activities.

Retail applications - (OTS + SWOT / RID + CUBEA)

For retail applications the special identity and object tracking capabilities (i.e. shopping cart tracking) are embedded in the OTS and SWOT system components. Data mining and all other features for determining the customer behavior patterns and rules and supporting the business decisions are integrated in the CUBEA Customer Behavior Analysis System.

Traffic applications - (OTS + RID)

In traffic monitoring applications the combination of Object Tracking Stations, which performs the image processing tasks, and the Remote Identification Server, which reads the number plates of vehicles, can be an effective solution to detect rule braking actions, like turning into a prohibited direction in a junction.

Integration into other systems - (OTS / 3DWM / RID)

It is also possible to purchase IDENTRACE products separately and integrate them into other 3rd party solutions. To help the easy integration, the OTS Station, the 3DWM Server and the RID Server all have well documented open programming interfaces. The SWOT Server is the only one, which cannot work alone without the OTS Stations.