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Application areas

With IDENTRACE You can build-up an advanced surveillance system, which improves security by remarkably increasing the effectiveness of monitoring and preventive measures.

Unlike other video analytics based solutions that try to detect unauthorized or suspicious actions based purely on one camera image, IDENTRACE combines all the information received from a whole network of cameras. Correlating multiple camera images with overlapping viewports and centrally processing the obtained information, IDENTRACE can more reliably track moving objects, count people, detect unattended baggage or misplaced items than other simpler solutions can achieve. Inherent uncertainties of object tracking are also resolved at a system level by applying secondary remote identification techniques.

So IDENTRACE is the best choice for application areas, where single camera based simple "intelligent" functions do not perform sufficiently, and where only site level intelligence can effectively detect the unauthorized or suspicious actions.

IDENTRACE can be used especially at

  • office premises
  • banks and other financial institutions
  • governmental and public buildings
  • data centers
  • retail industry
  • factory production halls
  • parking houses
  • warehouses
  • hospitals and health centers
  • prisons and other high-security institutions
  • airports, train stations, motorways
  • homeland security areas
  • forensic use

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