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Novelties and unique features

The most significant novelty of IDENTRACE video surveillance system is the tracking of people on multiple cameras, even across buildings, while obtaining their identities from the integration with access control systems. This unique feature is called "site wide identity tracking".

In inevitable situations when the system loses track of people or objects due to blind areas, like restrooms, remote identification is used to resolve the inherent uncertainties. In these situations the task is to know whether a person currently visible in the scene is or is not the same as somebody who was seen before somewhere else in the observed area. In these situations, IDENTRACE can also apply so called "session-based biometrics" and use soft-biometric features, for instance height measurement or clothing color based separation.

As a result of the identity tracking feature, various pieces of information about persons can be retrieved and displayed next to their images shown in the monitors. Knowing everyone's identity also allows the definition and automatic evaluation of complex, personalized rules, so warnings, alarms and actions can be raised just when needed. Examples of personalized rules include the detection of unauthorized access to virtually defined zones or recognition of suspicious activity of a visitor.

A powerful tool behind IDENTRACE is the real 3D world modeling of the monitored area. This enables precise localization of moving persons, vehicles or other objects, along with a uniquely superior 3D displaying possibility that helps the operators to effectively handle and watch more monitors that they can cope with when using current systems.

Advantages of IDENTRACE

  • Can be easily integrated with existing video surveillance or other infrastructure
  • Applies multi-layer intelligence on camera-, scene- and site-level
  • Accomplishes site-wide identity tracking
  • Handles the 3D model of the monitored area
  • Detects unauthorized access to protected zones
  • Evaluates complex rules
  • Recognizes suspicious activities

IDENTRACE watches all cameras continuously in an automated way and collects information to a central unit, so serious incidents cannot remain unnoticed.