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Multi-layer intelligence

The intelligent functions applied in today's video content analysis systems are strongly restricted by the fact that such systems evaluate the events they see based only on a single view of a camera. Even though cameras observing a site are usually integrated into a network, such single view based solutions can still evaluate only simple rules and thus provide limited security services.

Multi-layer intelligence

IDENTRACE steps beyond current solutions, and extends the domain of intelligence to the level of the observed site. By combining several camera images and correlating the information received from different sources, more complex and more robust conclusions can be drawn. Based on this information IDENTRACE can automatically detect unauthorized actions and suspicious activities more effectively throughout the site.

Such holistic approach of IDENTRACE not only provides a higher level of security for the monitored area, but with the integration of its site-level intelligence with other security solutions - like access control systems -, IDENTRACE introduces the notion of identity tracking in intelligent video surveillance.

Be prepared to the new intelligent functions of IDENTRACE!