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IDENTRACE extends the usual intelligent video surveillance functions and steps far beyond the state-of-the-art of current systems by establishing the ground for several special video analytics based functions, which can make use of its site-wide intelligence and identity tracking capability. Some examples of those features, which can be solved building on the basic technologies of IDENTRACE:

Identity labeling
Displaying names and other information of persons, vehicles or other objects on surveillance monitors, so security personnel can understand better who is doing what in a picture and decide whether it is a usual or an unacceptable activity.
Look at me function
Showing best-shot face pictures of persons that are currently visible in a camera, even if they stand back to the camera.
Record annotation
Attaching additional, extracted information – in form of meta-data – to video records. This eases later retrieval and enables fast search within hours and days of recorded video.
Show me functions
Quick and easy search in video records. Easy navigation, like "Show me when this man entered the building", "Show me when he was best seen", "Show me where he was at a certain time", "Show me when he was here" or "Show me where he is now", etc.
Past activities
Displaying the path one has walked through and the sites he or she has visited in the past hours.
Chasing camera function
Following a selected person through series of camera images, in which he or she is best seen.
3D navigation
Easy navigation though a 3D map of a site. Select the place, what You want to see, and IDENTRACE searches the best camera view for it. Or vice versa IDENTRACE can locate in 3D, what place a camera shows.

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