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Digital revolution in video surveillance

IDENTRACE is an innovative intelligent video surveillance system which can classify, identify and track moving persons, vehicles or objects in camera pictures, and based on this information it can recognize unauthorized actions and suspicious activities automatically. Based on image processing and video analytics methods IDENTRACE brings a revolution to the surveillance industry by realizing the always desired continuous and effective monitoring.

Unlike humans, IDENTRACE never sleeps.

In current surveillance solutions security guards are unrealistically expected to watch dozens or even hundreds of camera images, witch they cannot cope with. So although sites are monitored, many infringements still remain unnoticed. IDENTRACE can continuously watch even hundreds of monitors and this way recognize unauthorized accesses and suspicious movements just as they happen.

IDENTRACE applies site wide object tracking complemented with remote identification and the 3 dimensional modeling of the observed area to implement identity tracking. The knowledge of identities enables the evaluation of complex access rules to physically protected, and even to virtually defined zones. IDENTRACE can also detect suspicious activities this way. By automatically raising alarms and displaying the observed persons' identity along with several useful information, like their security clearance or past activities, IDENTRACE can provide more and better suited information to the security personnel. As a result, both effectiveness and efficiency of surveillance systems can be significantly increased.

Join the group of IDENTRACE users and take the lead in latest technology solutions enjoying the highest security!

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