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Intelligent Video Surveillance

In today's world - where the threat of terror cannot be neglected - strong demand has appeared for a more efficient security surveillance paradigm: one which detects abuses and suspicious situations in real-time, and raise an alarm just as they happen, rather than only retrieving forensic data and evidences afterwards, like traditional solutions do.

Recent years have witnessed revolutionary changes in the area of video surveillance. Traditional analogue CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems that recorded video streams to tapes have been practically phased out almost everywhere by Digital Video Recorder (DVR) systems, where video streams are digitized and saved to computer hard drives or optical discs with much larger capacities than tapes have. With the appearance of digital IP cameras, Network Video Recording (NVR) systems are now capable of operating over IP networks, making centralized remote monitoring a reality.

Moreover, the computing capacity of consumer-grade computers has now reached a level where not only the digitization, compression and recording of video streams to hard drives are possible, but it is also feasible to perform real-time video processing algorithms on these video streams. This technological development, the application of video content analytics enabled a new revolution in security surveillance.

Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) systems aim to take over the task of continuous watching from the sleepy personnel, and raise the attention of the security guards only when they really need to intervene.


IDENTRACE goes even beyond other IVS systems by not just applying intelligent camera functions, but by combining all information that can be obtained from the network of cameras. It can track persons and other objects at a site wide level, determine their identities, apply complex access rules not just to walled, but also to virtually defined zones. Specialty of IDENTRACE that it maintains a real 3D world model of the observed area, which supports the precise localization of moving persons and objects, the construction of real 3D virtual zones, and also provides a unique 3D displaying of current and past activities.

Building on the elements of the IDENTRACE system we can take over and automate the most demanding tasks of surveillance personnel.

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