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Deployment services – camera calibration and 3D modeling

Usual tasks that should be accomplished during the deployment of an intelligent video surveillance system include the installation of the cameras, the set-up of the IT infrastructure and the parameterization of the video content analysis methods. IDENTRACE needs basically the same steps, however to really get the most of it, there are some special tasks an installer may be keen on accomplishing before putting it into action.

When going beyond the camera-level intelligence, an essential step of the set-up is the calibration of the cameras to each other, i.e. to locate them precisely in space. This is needed by the system to calculate the spatial position of people and objects detected and tracked. The calibration process is made absolutely easy in IDENTRACE, one should only assure that a special object is seen by the cameras for a couple of seconds; all additional steps are accomplished automatically by the system.

As the 3D modeling capabilities provide an efficient tool in visualization of different events and situations, preparing a model of the area from scratch or adapting an already available one is an additional possibility that could highly enhance the effectiveness of the system.

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