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Custom development services – delivering solutions for unique security needs

There are no two customers with the same security needs, so off-the shelf products usually can not meet sufficiently the unique and special requirements. IDENTRACE has an open and robust framework that can be customized to a wide range of customer needs. However in special cases additional software development might be needed. The IDENTRACE team can answer those challenges as well. Building on the basic IDENTRACE elements, we are ready to solve any intelligent video surveillance task, even those that require the cooperation of many different security devices, including static and active cameras, access control points, motion detectors, DVRs, NVRs and so on.

Our expert development architects and engineers bring high-class solutions tailored to the customer's individual requirements by extending and improving an existing solution, integrating different products or even by elaborating a completely new and pioneering function.

Benefit from our custom development services and take advantage of the flexible options and opportunities!