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Research background

The IDENTRACE team draws its origins from the SEARCH Laboratory, which was originally established in 1999 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, with a focus on security related research and development. Currently several spin-off companies of the laboratory provide dependable professional services, mainly for the international market.

The existing cooperation of the professionally dedicated companies and the university laboratory provides an incomparable combination that can successfully face challenges in the wide area from research through development, education and trainings to high-level services.

Since its establishment, the laboratory has carried out several research and development projects, with topics covering both IT and physical security. Regarding IT security, our primary expertise is in security testing and evaluation of mobile products. All research activities in the area of physical security, like biometrics, non-cooperative remote identification and video analytics, are now concentrated around IDENTRACE.

The IDENTRACE system itself emerged from the results of several research and development projects carried out in the last five years. This well-established ground makes it not only an up-to-date intelligent video surveillance system, but allows it to step further, and be a system providing services which are far beyond what is considered to be surveillance today.

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