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IDENTRACE is developed by SEARCH-LAB Security Evaluation Analysis and Research Laboratory Ltd., which is a spin-off company started from the Technical University of Budapest in 2002. SEARCH-LAB develops intelligent video surveillance solutions, provides professional services for IT Security auditing and testing, offers IT security courses at different levels and also executes assignment and cooperation based research and development projects.

Hiearchy of SEARCH-LAB's products

The research and development of video analytics and image processing based intelligent surveillance systems dates back to almost a decade, starting with basic research at the Budapest University and with several national and international cooperation based research projects followed by a dedicated product development in the form of a spin-off company. Founders of the company have long history both in IT security and physical security areas.


SEARCH-LAB is fortunate to have some of the most talented and qualified people working in IT and physical security. Our team is made up of security experts, well-qualified software engineers, marketing and sales specialists and qualified project managers. We also work with university fellows and independent specialists who bring an added depth and breadth to the services we offer. Key persons of the company:

Zoltán Hornák – managing director

Zoltán completed his degree at the Technical University of Budapest as an engineer of informatics. Even from the time of his secondary studies he has been dealing with various fields of IT security, from computer viruses up to the security organizational issues of big, nation-wide companies. After spending eight years in the anti-virus industry as the development director of VirusBuster and working two-and-a-half years as a security consultant, he returned back to research and established the SEARCH Laboratory. Since then he led more than thirty R&D projects and launched two spin-off companies. Recently he acts as an R&D and innovation manager.

Ernő Jeges – technical sales manager

Ernő has been working in the area of physical security for nearly 15 years. During this period he was involved in a number of activities in different areas of IT and physical security, while his areas of interest are now mainly focused on biometric security solutions and intelligent video surveillance systems. He has several innovations, mainly in the area of ear-based human identification, integration of biometrics with cryptosystems, video surveillance and software watermarking. Currently he manages the technical sales activities of SEARCH-LAB.

László Szekeres – director of audit & testing services

László graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering, Special on Security of Information and Communication Systems. He has been involved in IT security research and development projects as well as security evaluations of software and hardware products for more than 5 years. His recent research interests include software security, security testing and language-based security. Currently he is the director of the audit and testing services business unit at SEARCH-LAB.

István Kispál – development director

István graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Computer Science. During university years he specialized on software design and software development methodologies, but computer vision and image processing quickly became his main interests. He has taken part in several computer vision projects related to different topics in the field of automated video-based quality assurance, classic- and soft-biometric identification and object tracking. Currently he is responsible for all software development activities at SEARCH-LAB.

Kristóf Kerényi – technology and QA manager

Kristóf attended informatics studies at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, while he spent semesters in Germany and the USA. He completed his degree in 2002, and is currently finishing his MBA studies at BME. After graduation he started working in R&D projects in the field of IT security, and also took part in security audit projects. From 2004 onwards he has participated in multiple international research projects as workpackage leader as well as the manager responsible for SEARCH-LAB's operations in the projects. Currently he is the managing director of NOVINEX Innovation and Research Exploitation Agency, and also an advisor of SEARCH-LAB on IT infrastructure security and QA.